Project Description

Venice, the Jews and Europe 1516 – 2016

Curated by Donatella Calabi

Palazzo Ducale, Venice
June 19 – November 13, 2016

Berg Foundation
Venetian Heritage

The exhibition – a historic, artistic and documentary event – took place at the Doge’s Palace. It told the story of the Ghetto, its growth, its architecture, its trades, its everyday life and the relations between the Jewish minority and the entire city. Paintings, drawings, books, documents and multi-media reconstructions illustrated a long lasting history of cultural relations and trade, in a context of relationships with other Jewish settlements in Europe and the Mediterranean basin, based on a mix of knowledge, contacts and customs that are its principle wealth.
Venetian Heritage, thanks to the support of the Berg Foundation, contributed to the staging of the exhibition with the financing of $ 50,000.00.