Project Description

Ambone dell’Epistola
St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice

Restoration of the Ambone dell’Epistola

St. Mark Basilica, Venice

Project Director
Procuratorie di San Marco

Fabbriceria di San Marco

Venetian Heritage

Start date
January 2022

End date
December 2022

76.450,00 €

The ambo is made of spectacular red porphyry, a stone that according to Byzantine tradition was reserved for emperors. Second only to the main altar, the ambo is a particularly important structure within the building that until 1797 was the ancient Doge’s Chapel. From this ambo, the Doge addressed the Venetians and attended services at the Basilica.
The disastrously high tide that hit Venice in 2019 seriously damaged the entire Basilica flooring and weakened the ground below the Epistle Ambo. Restoration work had to be undertaken without delay as the ambo, already in a precarious condition, had suffered a further worrying slide towards the transept.Restoration work, which began in March 2022, has been completed at the end of the year as per the estimated timeline, thanks to the know-how of the highly specialized restorers of the Fabbriceria di San Marco, the body that oversees the preservation of the Basilica.
Venetian Heritage, thanks to the donation of Pomellato, has supported the restoration of the Ambone dell’Epistola. The partnership began in 2019 after the exceptionally high tide that hit Venice when Venetian Heritage launched the fundraiser #supportvenice and Pomellato contributed with a generous donation to restore the Doge Francesco Morosini monument in the church of Saint Stephen.