Project Description

Treasures from Croatia: Restored by Venetian Heritage Inc.

Edited by Josko Belamaric

Multigraf Edizioni, Venezia 2001

Catalogue of a major exhibition held in the church of San Barnaba in Venice and at the Klovicevi Dvori Gallery in Zagreb. The book illustrates about a hundred works of art from the Dalmatian coast, restored thanks to the support of Venetian Heritage, whose mission is that of raising funds – not only for the restoration and preservation of works of Venetian art in Venice and wherever else they might be found – but also the restoration and preservation of monuments and works of art in those regions of the Mediterranean rim subject to Venetian influence.

Between 1420 and the fall of the Republic in 1797, Istria and Dalmatia formed a vital part of the Venetian domain; exchange of all kinds, not least of all artistic, were constant. The stone from which Venice is largely built, for example, came from Istria. Dalmatian artists studied and worked in Venice; Venetian artists made careers in Dalmatia.
Thus the decision on the part of Venetian Heritage to fund the restoration of a Dalmatian monument by a Venetian restorer and his équipe follows a venerable tradition of exchange and cooperation.