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L’ultimo eroe della Serenissima
Francesco Morosini e il suo tempo 

Marsilio, Venice 2022

Curated by Bruno Buratti 

In the second half of the 17th century, or the “Iron Age”, Venice is facing an Ottoman Empire still at the apex of its strength. Fought on land and sea, the conflict will assume the tones of a crusade and the siege of Candia, 23 years long, will be compared to the Trojan war. An undisputed protagonist of the Venetian army is Francesco Morosini, the mind and strategist behind amphibian operations and last major commander of the Serenissima. Of a strong and proud nature, and disposed of a high self-conscience, so much so to trespass the idea of vanity, he was the receptor of grand honours, often prompted by himself, but also of accusations and controversies. Trialed for the surrender of Candia, and later on acquitted, the conquering of the Peloponnese was his revenge, carried out at the price of bombing the Parthenon.  Besides his cat Ninì he only had one other love, Venice, that even as a Doge he served with arms, until his last day.

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