Project Description

Pantheon della Serenissima 

Marcianum Press, Venice 2011

Edit by Giuseppe Pavanello
Photograps by Matteo de Fina

Marcianum Press in association with the Istituto di Storia dell’Arte della Fondazione Giorgio Cini published this book on the celebrated Dominican basilica, second only to St Mark’s in its grandeur and role in the life of the city. It holds the remains of 25 of the Republic’s 125 doges, conserved and celebrated in monuments and mausoleums whose artistic magnificence makes the basilica one of the fundamental places for studying the history of Venetian (and Italian) art over seven centuries.
The project was made possible by a group of supporters led by Venetian Heritage, made up of Save Venice Inc., the Venice International Foundation, Fondazione Antonveneta, Fondazione di Venezia and of course the Dominican Order.

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