Project Description

The Collection of Classical Sculptures Reassembled in Its Original Setting after Four Centuries

Marsilio, Venice 2021

Edited by Toto Bergamo Rossi and Daniele Ferrara

Photographs by Matteo De Fina

The volume comes out on the occasion of the rearrangement of the Doge’s Room, one of the most spectacular and evocative rooms of the building which will return to its Renaissance splendor with the relocation of the Greek and Roman statuary part of the Grimani collection.

The new set-up of the Room of the Doge and the exhibition Georg Baselitz/Archinto, are part of a broader strategy to enhance and promote Palazzo Grimani and its history, fol­lowing the reassembling of sculptures in the Tribuna of Patriarch Giovanni Grimani with the exhibition DOMUS GRIMANI 1594-2019, opened in May 2019.

This project confirms a virtuous public-private collaboration involving the Direzione regiona­le Musei Veneto and the Venetian Heritage Foundation. The exhibition project inaugurat­ed in 2019 was financed by Venetian Herit­age thanks to the contribution of the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, Gagosian and an anonymous donor. The new set-up of the Room of the Doge was also financed thanks to the support of Gagosian, Fondazione Co­logni dei Mestieri d’Arte, Fondazione Violetta Caprotti, numerous donors and supporting members of Venetian Heritage and the valu­able participation of Civita Tre Venezie.

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