Project Description

Wooden Crucifix, 18th century
Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice 

Restoration of the wooden crucifix, 18th century

Basilica of S.S. Giovanni e Paolo, Venice

Project Director
Ministry of Culture, Monuments and Fine Arts Office of Venice

Maximilian Leuthenmayr; Benito Ghezzo,
in collaboration with Francesco Grimaldi, Venice

Richard H. Driehaus
Venetian Heritage

Start date
October 2003

End date
October 2004

5.440,00 €

The 18th century polychrome wooden crucifix above the main altar in the Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo measures 278 x 124 cm.
The layers of past over-paintings and darkened deposits of candle grease were removed and gave back to the crucifix its original polychromy. The crucifix has now returned to its original site, on top of the main altar.