Project Description

Twenty Years of Preserving and Promoting Venice’s Cultural Legacy

Rizzoli, New York-Paris-London-Milan 2019

Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Venetian Heritage – whose mission is to safeguard Venetian cultural legacy as manifested in architecture, music and fine art – this stunning volume highlights the organization’s work in restoring, preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Venice. This book showcase the most impressive restoration projects of the last twenty years, from the eighteen-century façade of the Church of Jesuits and early-Renaissance façade of the Church of San Zaccaria in Venice, to the Chapel of the Blessed Giovanni Orsini and the Romanesque portal of the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence in Croatia.

Beautifully photographed in breathtaking details, this volume tells the story of the crucial role that Venetian Heritage has in preserving the art of Venice both in Italy and in the areas once part of the republic of Venice.

The book, published thanks to the generous support of Maison Louis Vuitton, is available in English.

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