Project Description

Twenty-five Years of Preserving and Promoting Venice’s Cultural Legacy

Marsilio Arte, Venezia 2024

Since 1999, Venetian Heritage has been promoting Venetian culture through a vast campaign of restoration projects carried out not only in Venice but in all the territories that were once part of the Venetian Republic. This vast and ambitious program has received the support of Italian and international institutions, foundations, and patrons, united by the desire to preserve the incredible artistic heritage that the Venetian Republic disseminated in all the eastern Mediterranean from the Middle Ages to the end of the eighteenth century. Venetian Heritage continues to ceaselessly collect donations to help preserve and promote this cultural heritage, which is unique in the world. In the year of its twenty-fifth anniversary, we are very proud to present this volume, which collects and illustrates the projects supported by the organization, focusing on the evolution and growth of Venetian Heritage in fundraising efforts to finance increasingly ambitious projects. While providing a detailed overview of the projects supported overt these twenty-five years, the volume focuses on five specific locations to which Venetian Heritage has dedicated itself, aiming to enhance and promote the institutions with which it collaborates and the activities they undertake.