Project Description

Tintoretto’s portraits of Giovanni Grimani

Marsilio Arte, Venezia 2024

The publication of the volume was funded by Venetian Heritage

Promoted and organized by the Direzione regionale Musei Veneto – Museo di Palazzo Grimani, Venetian Heritage and Colnaghi, the exhibition represents a fresh example of virtuous collaboration between public and private sector and is part of the project to enhance the history and collection of the palace, begun in 2019 in collaboration with Venetian Heritage with the refurbishment of the Tribuna Grimani and the Room of the Doge.
The aim is to provide an up-to-date reading of the ways in which the public image of the Venetian prelate Giovanni Grimani came to be defined through his portraiture, taking into account his biography, the historical-political context, iconographic and iconological issues and the commissioning relationship with Tintoretto.
The Portrait of Giovanni Grimani attributed to Domenico Tintoretto, already in the museum, is compared with two other paintings by the hand of his father Jacopo, exceptional loans for this exhibition: an oil on panel portrait, recently rediscovered in a private collection and displayed for the first time to the public, and the Portrait of Giovanni Grimani owned by the Schorr Collection.