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San Salvador. La Pala d’Argento dorato restaurata da Venetian Heritage

Marcianum Press, Venice 2010

This book illustrates the history and restoration of one of the most precious examples of Venetian Gothic jewellery from the mid-fourteenth century. It has stood on the main altar of the church of San Salvador since the 16th century, but screened like a stage set by Titian’s painting of the Transfiguration of Christ, and visible only during the most important festivals on the liturgical calendar. The composition of the altarpiece and its site take up those of the more celebrated Pala d’Oro in St Mark’s Basilica. The photographic campaign carried out for this book allows every detail of the work to be observed. The recent restoration and publication of the book were generously financed by the Maison Louis Vuitton in association with Venetian Heritage.

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