Project Description

Restauri. Galileo Chini e altre opere della collezione permanente della Biennale di Venezia

ASAC altri strumenti, Venezia 2006

Edited by Lia Durante

Catalogue of the exhibition on the restoration of the cycle of paintings on canvas by Galileo Chini for the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennale and of other twentieth-century works of art in the permanent collection of the Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia, restored with the support of Venetian Heritage.
In the year of the fiftieth anniversary of Galileo Chini’s death, to commemorate him the Comune di Venezia financed the restoration the frescoes made by the artist for the cupola of the Italian Pavilion in the Biennale gardens. To continue this project, Venetian Heritage financed the restoration of the large panels, which were made by Galileo Chini to decorate the exhibition space of La Biennale di Venezia in 1907 and in 1920. Venetian Heritage also agreed to the restoration of other paintings by important artists such as: Agostino Bonalumi, Giuseppe Capogrossi and Mario Sironi.

The volume is available both in Italian and English.