Project Description

Funerary Monument for Naval General Jacopo Foscarini, early 17th Century
Church of the Carmini, Venice

Restoration of the Funerary Monument for Naval General Jacopo Foscarini, early 17th Century

Church of the Carmini, Venice

Project Director
Ministry of Culture, Monuments and
Fine Arts Office of Venice

Sansovino s.n.c, Venezia

Comitato italiano per Venezia
Mrs. William Dow Lovett
Mr. Lawrence Lovett
Venetian Heritage

Start date
May 2000

End date
October 2001

80.610,00 €

This imposing funeral monument by an unknown author was erected at the beginning of the 17th century, according to the last wishes expressed in 1595 by the naval general Jacopo Foscarini. The monument was to be made of precious marbles, which Foscarini himself had collected, and its style follows the tradition for tombs of Venetian naval and military heroes, where the deceased in armour is shown standing. The major sculptures, which celebrate Foscarini’s military virtues, are placed on the upper part of the monument. The effigy stands in the centre on a high base and holds the baton symbolic of his office. On either side female personifications of Virtues, carved in the round, occupy niches, Charity on the left and Faith on the right. Below, within rectangular panels, are trophies of Foscarini’s military career carved in Carrara marble. In the base of the monument, two representations of naval deployments evoke his military missions. Before restoration, the entire monument was covered with a thick layer of black sediment, which made it impossible to discern the texture and colour of the stone.
The restoration was undertaken in memory of Mr. William Dow Lovett.