Project Description

Bicentenary of the founding of the State Archives of Venice 1815-2015

Scripta, Padova 2015

The catalogue – whose publication has been supported by Venetian Heritage – celebrates the exhibition dedicated to the bicentenary of the foundation of the Archivio di Stato of Venice (1815-2015).

The Archivio di Stato of Venice represents one of the brightest and most significant international cultural institutions. This is can be seen through the relevance and continuity of the documentation preserved here, the numerous possible approaches, resulting from an ancient political history, economy and civilisation, that touched not only the entire Mediterranean region but also other worlds gravitating around different geopolitical and economical systems.
The archival documents once produced for legal and practical purposes, are now recognized for having cultural value and allow unlimited paths of knowledge. This includes data and facts that, at the changing of historiographical perspectives, bring greater historic changes, while acquiring a new light and presenting themselves renewed and usable to answer new questions that every generation ask themselves about the time they live in.

The bicentenary of the Archivio di Stato, founded in Venice in 1815, has been celebrated by a documentary exhibition. Such has highlighted the Archivio as an unforgettable reference point for historiography and for the creation of a national consciousness that is well aware of the civil contributions that made it possible. This being of particular importance now that new opportunities are available as a result of the improvement in technology, such as being able to discover important documents in fascinating and innovative new ways.