Project Description

Erminia e Vafrino scoprono Tancredi ferito, Gianantonio Guardi, 1750-1755 ca.
Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venezia

Restoration of the painting on canvas Erminia e Vafrino scoprono Tancredi ferito, Gianantonio Guardi, 1750-1755 ca

Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice

Project Director
Michele Nicolacci

Erika Bianchini

Venetian Heritage

Start date
September 2020

End date
September 2021

33.980,00 €

Erminia e Vafrino scoprono Tancredi ferito is a painting by Gianantonio Guardi executed between 1750 and 1755. The artwork was probably part of a series of fourteen canvases inspired by an edition of Gerusalemme Liberata by Torquato Tasso with incisions by Giambattista Piazzetta.
Guardi portrayed the episode taken from canto XIX where Erminia, together with Vafrino, discovers her lover Tancredi, after a duel with Argante, lying wounded on the left of the painting. The artwork, before it arrived at the Gallerie dell’Accademia in 1984, was part of the private collection of Rodolfo Siviero, a State deputy known for having retrieved numerous artworks that were illegally deported from Italy.
In 2020 Venetian Heritage supported the restoration of the painting whose surface was strongly altered by multiple layers of varnish and numerous retouches. The intervention allowed its vibrant brightness to be valued again. It is now permanently exhibited in the new setup, also funded by Venetian Heritage, of the Saloni Selva-Lazzari of the Gallerie dell’Academia.