Project Description

A Bust by Filippo Parodi restored by Venetian Heritage

Marsilio, Venice 2023

Edited by Maichol Clemente
Photographs by Matteo De Fina

Through the voice of Maichol Clemente, the volume offers an updated overview of the activity of Genoese artist Filippo Parodi, tracing, in chronological order, the works he executed from his arrival in Venice in 1683 until 1694, the date of his final return to Liguria. Once the role played by the Dominant in defining the artistic primacy of this sculptor on the seventeenth-century scene is more clearly understood, the attention shifts to the in-depth examination of the Ecce Homo recently restored by Venetian Heritage thanks to the contribution of Roger Thomas and Arthur Libera: the focal work of the exhibition set up at Palazzo Grimani, in Venice, from May 19 to October 29, 2023. The only available data, dating from the nineteenth century, testify to the provenance of this sculpture from Villa Pisani and its transfer, in the same century, to the Royal Palace in Venice. After a brief stay at the Correr Museum, the bust was later transferred to the Doge’s Palace, where it has now resurfaced. The volume concludes with a restoration report by Jonathan Hoyte and a comprehensive atlas of the Genoese sculptor’s Venetian works.

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