Project Description

Architectural and structural Studies and Design for the restoration, extension and reorganization of the Jewish Museum in Venice

Architectural and structural studies and design

Jewish Museum, Venice

Preliminary Surveys
Silvia Bortolini
Alessandro Pedron
Mariangela Zanzotto

Preliminary Project
Soprintendenza per i beni architettonici e paesaggistici di Venezia e laguna, coordinated by architect Renata Codello

Venetian Heritage

Part of the project included in the framework of the UNESCO – International Private Committees Joint Programme for the Safeguarding of Venice

 195.884,00 €

Venetian Heritage and the Jewish Community of Venice first began working together with the restoration and subsequent exhibitions of the Treasures of the Venice Ghetto, restored by Venetian Heritage (held in New York, Houston, Venice, Vienna, Perth and Paris). This collaboration was renewed on the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice, to promote the preliminary project for the reorganisation of the Jewish museum’s exhibition and functional spaces. The Ghetto was created in 1516 when the Republic of Venice decreed that the Jews should live in a clearly defined part of the city and aside by specific regulations.
As the Jewish community prospered, with members from all over Europe, new houses and places of worship became increasingly necessary.
The Jewish Museum was established in 1954 and developed by incorporating various houses that connected two of the three original synagogues: the German (1528) and the French synagogue called the Canton. It houses some important and precious examples of Venetian goldsmith’s and textile art dating from the 16th and 19th centuries, as well as a very important collection of books.
The museum is now in need of restoration, and a redesign of the rooms.
Venetian Heritage has financed a preliminary study for a rearrangement of the museum spaces, including areas owned by the Jewish Community, for a new expansion that also would allow direct access between the museum and the Italian synagogue. A permanent display of the recently restored liturgical objects would be created.
On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Ghetto, Venetian Heritage, financed the construction of the temporary entrance of the Museum and donated the preliminary design to the Venetian Jewish Community.