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Venice, Museo di Palazzo Grimani
Permanent Exhibition

Exhibition promoted by
Venetian Heritage

The portrait of Giovanni Grimani by Domenico Tintoretto purchased by Venetian Heritage and donated to Museo di Palazzo Grimani, Venice

To Patriarch Giovanni Grimani (1506-1593), among the most important member of this family, we owe the present aspect of the Grimani palace and the famous collection of antiquities in his name. On May 2020, for the exhibition DOMUS GRIMANI 1594-2019 the collection was transferred once again to its original location in Palazzo Grimani after more than four centuries: the Tribuna, the room that Giovanni Grimani had chosen to present his collection of precious classical sculptures.
The exhibition, curated by Daniele Ferrara, Director of Polo Museale del Veneto, and by Toto Bergamo Rossi, director of Venetian Heritage, is the result of a virtuous collaboration between public and private sector, specifically the Ministero dei Beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo and Venetian Heritage, which has co-organised and financed the exhibition project.
Always with the intent of enhancing and promoting the Venetian artistic legacy, Venetian Heritage has recently purchased, restored and donated to the Museo di Palazzo Grimani a portrait of Patriarch Giovanni Grimani (1506-1593), attributed to Domenico Tintoretto and dated to the early XVII century. The artwork, which represents Giovanni Grimani in a cardinal dress with a long white tunic with embroidered cuffs and a ruby red mozzetta, is now permanently exhibited in the Museo di Palazzo Grimani. The painting fills a significant iconographic gap, because there was no portrait of the patron de casa in the Palazzo.