Project Description

Preliminary Drawings for the Restoration of the church of  Marija Pomocnica Krscana
(Mary Help of the Christians)

Račišće, Island of Korcula, Croatia

Preliminary studies for the restoration of the church Pomocnica Krscana
(Mary Help of the Christians)

Račišće, Island of Korcula, Croatia

project director
Ministry of Culture,
Conservation Office of Dubrovnik

Canosa – Inzenjering;
Dubrovačko Gradevinsko Društvo d.o.o

Neda Young;
Venetian Heritage

start date
August 2018

fine lavori
in progress

€ 366.343,00

After the completion of the restoration of the cathedral St. Mark, in 2013, Venetian Heritage began a restoration campaign on Kurcola, an island that was part of the Venetian Republic from the 13th century to its fall in 1797.
The church dedicated to Mary Help of the Christians, is located in the small town of Račišće and was built at the beginning of the 17th century. A portico leads to the entrance of the church, a rectangular building with a single nave and a bell tower. The facade is adorned by a rose window. The internal walls are plastered. In the apses and on the walls of the nave there are three interesting baroque finely sculpted stone altars, from the beginning of the 17th century. The church was abandoned for many years and is in precarious condition. Thanks to a generous contribution by Mrs. Neda Young, member of the International Commitee of Venetian Heritage Inc., Venetian Heritage is now able to coordinate the restoration of the building, carried out by specialized local workers.