Project Description

Restoration of the Funerary Monument of Francesco Morosini
by Antonio Gaspari and Filippo Parodi (post 1694), Church of Santo Stefano, Venice

Restoration of the Funerary Monument
of Francesco Morosini

Church of Santo Stefano, Venice

Soprintendenza archeologia, belle arti
e paesaggio per il Comune di Venezia
e Laguna

Uni.S.Ve srl
Fucine Ervas

Venetian Heritage through the
fundraising campaign #supportvenice

start date
September 2020

end date
July 2021

€ 38.871,00

The church of Santo Stefano is one of the leading examples of Gothic architecture in Venice. Founded in the thirteenth century, it was rebuilt in the fourteenth and finished in the fifteenth. Among other works, the church houses the funerary monument of Doge Francesco Morosini (1619-1964). Morosini distinguished himself in the War of Candia (1645-1669) and the War of Morea (1684-1699)– and his feats are described in a cycle of paintings, which have already been the object of a restoration project promoted by Venetian Heritage on the occasion of the celebration for the fourth hundredth Anniversary of the commander’s birth (1619 – 2019) – Morosini became doge of Venice in 1688.
The funerary slab of the Doge is located in the center of the pavement of main nave of the church. It is a significant work in bronze and marble made by Antonio Gaspari and Filippo Parodi. It is large in size (412 x 306 cm) and is actually made up of several grey and white marble slabs, with ornamentations in bronze in the corners and on the large central oval. The restoration intervention calls for the cleaning of all the composition elements of the doge’s tomb, the elimination of rust from metal parts, caused by contact with water, as well as the reparation of the fissures in the marble.