#SupportVenice Campaign

November 12, 2019 – Venice was engulfed by 1.87mt high water levels, flooding historic buildings and churches, cutting power. More than 80% of this UNESCO world heritage site was underwater when tides reached their highest  point and they continue to ravage. Italy has declared a state of emergency in Venice. The art of Italy owes much to the immense cultural contribution of La Serenissima, Venetian Heritage stand in solidarity with the great people of Venice and urge you to support efforts to preserve and protect the artistic treasures of Venice by contributing to Venetian Heritage.

Restoration Projects made possible thanks to the #supportvenice campaign:

Conservative restoration of the mosaic floor with peacocks, Saint Mark’s Basilica, Venice

Restoration of a wooden Crucifix by Giuseppe Torretti, 1711 circa, Chiesa di San Moisè, Venice

Restoration of the funeral monument of Francesco Morosini by Antonio Gaspari and Filippo Parodi (post 1694), Church of Santo Stefano, Venice

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