Project Description

edited by Bernard Aikema e Emanuela Zucchetta

La facciata della chiesa di San Zaccaria a Venezia. Percorsi di storia e conservazione
Il Prato, Padova 2010

This volume is dedicated to the restoration of San Zaccaria’s façade, an exceptional example of proto-renaissance architecture. Richly decorated with a variation of precious marbles and stones of different colours, the building, created in its present form during a thirty year period, marks in an exemplary manner the transition between Late Gothic and Renaissance thanks to the presence of some of the most representative architects and builders of the time. The book traces the historical and conservative events of the church and its façade in order to analyse the final restoration of the latter.

Venetian Heritage supported the façade’s restoration and the publication of this volume together with the Dutch Committee for Venice.

The book is available in Italian and English.