Project Description

Triumph of Poetry, Gaspare Diziani,
Museo di Ca’ Rezzonico, Venice

restoration of the fresco Triumph of Poetry by Gaspare Diziani

Museo di Ca’ Rezzonico, Venice

project director
Musei Civici Veneziani;
Monuments and Fine Arts Office of Venice


Venetian Heritage

start date
November 2003

end date
March 2004

€ 12.000,00

Venetian Heritage contributed to the restoration of the ceiling fresco Triumph of Poetry, painted in 1757 by Gaspare Diziani for the Room of the Pastels at Ca’ Rezzonico. The fresco depicts a personification of Poetry surrounded by personifications of Painting, Architecture, Music and Sculpture, while a putto armed with a torch brings about the downfall of Ignorance. Before restoration, the entire fresco was covered with a dark layer probably of oil, intended to be protective, applied during a restoration made in the 19th century. After cleaning, the original vibrant colours gave the ceiling that exuberant vitality typical of the Venetian Rococò.