Project Description

Frescoes of the Sacristy
Church of San Salvador, Venice

restoration of the frescoes

Church of San Salvador, Venice

project director
Ministry of Culture, Monuments and
Fine Arts Office of Venice

preliminary analysis
Arcadia Ricerche, Venezia

Venetian Heritage

start date
December 1999

end date
February 2000

€ 4.880,00

The sacristy of the church of San Salvador was built in the 16th century, in Renaissance style. The frescoes that decorate the ceiling and the top of the walls, with images of birds, peacocks and floral motifs, have been attributed to Francesco Vecellio, brother of Titian. At the center of the vaulted ceiling, Christ the Saviour, surrounded by putti, raises his hand in blessing act. The frescoes were severely damaged and showed white and other darkened areas, where the infiltration of rain water had caused the formation of stains and discolouration. Venetian Heritage has financed the preliminary analysis, carried out by Arcadia Ricerche with the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, Monuments and Fine Arts Office of Venice.